Advising Employers & Employees

Mallins Law in Toronto is a boutique firm focused solely on employment law and labour law. We are passionate about helping both unionized and non-unionized employers and employees through some of the biggest legal challenges they may face.

How Can We Help Employers?

At Mallins Law, our ultimate goal is to create strong, long-term relationships with our employer clients and to become their trusted resource for all matters related to the workplace.

We are available to respond to stand-alone issues and disputes as they arise. We are also available on an ongoing basis and can be your de facto in-house counsel to provide regular advice and guidance.

We help employers through some of the largest legal minefields they may encounter, including:

  • Terminating employees;
  • Disciplining employees;
  • Accommodating illness, injury, and disability;
  • Responding to human rights complaints;
  • Challenging or appealing WSIB orders;
  • Preparing for an inspection by the Ministry of Labour;
  • Defending wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal claims;
  • Complying with obligations under various relevant pieces of legislation;
  • What to do when faced with an organizing drive;
  • Negotiating with unions;
  • Representation at arbitration and mediation in all labour disputes;
  • Representation at litigation in all labour and employment disputes, including tribunal hearings, court trials, and other proceedings.

How Can We Help Employees?

At Mallins Law, we know that being involved in a dispute with your employer can be among the most stressful events that can happen to you. Standing up for yourself and your rights can be challenging. That is why you need an experienced employment lawyer on your side who can explain your options, walk you through the process, and fight for you.

We help employees through some of the biggest issues that may arise during the course of their employment including:

  • Negotiating a better severance package;
  • Addressing harassment, bullying, or discrimination at work;
  • Requesting accommodation for an illness, injury, or disability;
  • Filing a wrongful dismissal claim; and
  • Filing a human rights complaint.

If You Are Involved in a Workplace Dispute, Contact Mallins Law

For solid, pragmatic, and holistic advice about your rights and obligations in the workplace, contact one of the experienced Toronto employment lawyers at Mallins Law. We are always ready to help in whatever capacity we are needed. Call us at 647-792-0310 or contact us online for a consultation.