Toronto Employment & Labour Lawyers Advising Employers and Employees 

At Mallins Law in Toronto, we are dedicated practitioners of labour and employment law. Helping employers and employees is all that we do, and we do it well. Our team of knowledgeable employment lawyers regularly advise employers and employees on a broad range of common legal issues related to employment.

How We Can Help Employers 

At Mallins Law we believe, first and foremost, in providing our employer clients with the tools they need to be able to anticipate and respond to problems in the workplace before they even arise and to effectively mitigate risk. Where problems do arise, we work to address them before they escalate to the point where further intervention or litigation is necessary.

Our team of exceptional employment lawyers regularly advise employers of all sizes and across all industries on a huge range of employment matters that may arise during their day-to-day functioning, including:

  • Drafting and updating employment contracts, including termination provisions and non-solicitation and non-competition agreements;
  • Drafting and updating employee policies and handbooks;
  • Advising on best practices in terminating an employee;
  • Drafting severance packages;
  • Advising on employee discipline and performance reviews;
  • Advising on compensation matters, including wages, overtime pay, vacation pay, pensions, and similar;
  • Advising on other employment standards matters;
  • Advising on employee disability, illness, accommodation, and related matters;
  • Advising on discrimination, harassment, and other human rights matters;
  • Advising on the restructuring of business and mass terminations;
  • Providing guidance on privacy issues;
  • Providing guidance on sale of business;
  • Advising on use of independent contractors vs. employees;
  • Representing employers at arbitrations and mediations;
  • Representing employers at litigation, including at the Human Rights Tribunal, the Ontario Labour Relations Board, other tribunals, and in court.

How We Can Help Employees 

As an employee, there are many reasons why you may need to consult with an employment lawyer.

From a proactive perspective, you may be about to start a new job and are given an employment contract to sign, or you are already working and have been asked to sign a new agreement with different terms, or maybe you are dealing with a family emergency or medical emergency and are curious about what kind of extended leave you may be able to take.

From a reactive perspective, you may have been disciplined or warned about your performance, or you may have been terminated and presented with a severance package, or maybe you have been discriminated against or harassed at work.

Whatever your reason for seeking out legal guidance, it is always a good idea to consult with a knowledgeable and dedicated employment lawyer as soon as possible and before making any major decisions or taking any significant steps. An employment lawyer has a deep understanding of common workplace issues, can help you understand your options, formulate a plan for moving forward, and represent you through discussions with your employer and in any litigation that may be necessary.

At Mallins Law in Toronto, our skillful employment lawyers regularly advise employees and independent contractors on a wide range of matters that arise over the course of working life, including:

  • Advising on terminations, including constructive dismissals;
  • Reviewing and negotiating severance packages;
  • Advising on performance reviews and discipline matters;
  • Reviewing, drafting and negotiating employment contracts including termination provisions non-competition and non-solicitation agreements;
  • Advising on compensation matters including wages, overtime, pensions, and similar;
  • Providing guidance and advise on medical leaves, disability leaves, and other leaves;
  • Providing guidance on privacy issues;
  • Advising on human rights matters including discrimination and harassment; and
  • Providing guidance on workplace safety and occupational health

We also represent clients in arbitration, mediation, and litigation.

Who We Can Help 

We assist employers and employees across a wide range of industries including:

  • Retail & Wholesale Trade
  • Pharmacy
  • Healthcare Professionals & Technical Services and Production of Medical Devices
  • Transportation & Warehousing
  • IT
  • Manufacture & Retail of Healthcare Products/Devices
  • Financial Services
  • Franchises
  • Temporary Employment Agencies
  • Media/Communications
  • Education
  • Government Ministries
  • Construction
  • Credit Unions
  • Transportation & Warehousing

Contact Mallins Law in Toronto for Guidance and Representation in Employment Law Matters 

If you are an employer who is defending against a lawsuit or other claim, or an employee who wishes to take action against their employer, contact one of the experienced employment lawyers at Mallins Law in Toronto. Our goal is to build and foster strong, long-term relationships with our clients and to become their trusted resource for all matters related to the workplace. We are available to respond to stand-alone issues as they arise or are available on an ongoing basis and can act as your de facto in-house counsel to provide regular advice and guidance. We are always ready to help in whatever capacity we are needed. Reach out to us online or at 647-792-0310 to schedule a consultation.