Toronto Labour & Employment Lawyers Providing Workplace Advice to Franchisees and Small to Mid-Size Business Owners 

Opening a franchise is an exciting opportunity and a chance to make a significant profit. A critical element of any business, no matter how large or small, is its workforce. Employees are both the biggest assets and the biggest cost for an organization and managing a workplace effectively comes with significant risk that is best addressed proactively.

At Mallins Law our knowledgeable Toronto franchise lawyers rely on our many years of multi-faceted employment law experience to provide thorough advice aimed at helping clients manage and mitigate their financial and legal liability. We will review every aspect of your business and set you up with the safeguards needed to effectively manage your employees and meet your workplace obligations so that you can focus on your growth and financial success.

Our founding owner, Elyse Mallins, was in-house counsel for one of Canada’s largest franchisors for many years, and she and her team rely on this unique experience to help franchisees, and business owners in a wide range of sectors and industries across the province including:

  • Pharmacy;
  • Retail and Grocery;
  • Wholesale/Distribution.

Proactive, Forward-Thinking Advice for Employers 

At Mallins Law, we pride ourselves on our proactive and preventative approach to workplace relations.

We provide ongoing risk management guidance to our employer clients so that they can stay ahead of any potential problems or issues. We work with each of our clients to understand their business and the unique workplace dynamics that exist within that business. We can help you ensure you have measures in place to foster a safe workplace and to create a shield against potential problems.

What Franchisees Need to Know 

At Mallins Law, we work with our franchise clients to make sure that they are proactively armed with everything they need to address any workplace issues that may arise in their franchise. We advise on:

  • Employment contracts;
  • Employment policies and handbooks;
  • Human rights claims;
  • Independent contractor vs. employee issues;
  • Non-solicitation and non-competition agreements;
  • Overtime pay and other compensation issues;
  • Termination and discipline; and
  • Workplace Investigations.

It is our goal to help our clients think ahead and mitigate the most common risks that arise with owning a business. We are available to respond to discrete, stand-alone issues as they arise, or where we are needed to review a document or provide guidance on a question that may come up. We are also available on an ongoing basis and can act as your de facto in-house counsel to provide regular advice and guidance.

Where needed, we can represent you in arbitration, mediation, and litigation. We regularly represent clients before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, the Ministry of Labour, the Ontario Labour Relations Board, and at various levels of court.

Mallins Law: Knowledgeable Employment Lawyers Providing Proactive Guidance and Risk Management to Franchise Owners 

If you are a franchise owner and have questions about managing your franchise and maintaining positive workplace relations with your workers, contact the Toronto employment lawyers at Mallins Law. We provide forward-thinking legal advice and preventative planning and guidance. If a workplace matter escalates to the point at which litigation is required, we will represent you in any legal proceedings. Reach out to us online or at 647-792-0310 to schedule a consultation.