Toronto Employment & Labour Lawyers Representing Employers at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario 

In Ontario, human rights issues involving provincially regulated employers (which includes the majority of employers in the province) are adjudicated at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO).

In an employment context, human rights claims arise where employees or prospective employees believe they have been subjected to discrimination based on the protected grounds that are outlined in the Human Rights Code. In such cases, the affected individuals can file a claim against the employer, as well as individuals they believe to be responsible (for which employers can be vicariously liable).

At Mallins Law, our knowledgeable employment & labour lawyers regularly assist employers who are responding to a complaint filed against them.

Protected Grounds 

The Ontario Human Rights Code prohibits discrimination in the workplace on the basis of a number of protected grounds:

  • Age;
  • Ancestry;
  • Citizenship;
  • Colour;
  • Creed;
  • Disability;
  • Ethnic origin;
  • Family status;
  • Gender expression;
  • Gender identity;
  • Marital status;
  • Place of origin;
  • Race;
  • Record of offences;
  • Sex/pregnancy; and/or
  • Sexual orientation.

Helping Employers Respond to Human Rights Claims 

While many employers understand their legal obligations and proactively work to prevent problems and mitigate risk, they can be subject to a human rights complaint filed by an employee, prospective employee or customer/client (unionized employees can file a human rights application or grievance). Discrimination claims and other human rights complaints are complex, emotional, and can result in significant financial liability for the employer.

If you are an employer and have had a human rights claim filed against you, the first thing you should do is seek legal advice from a knowledgeable employment lawyer with experience responding to such claims and representing employers in any resulting litigation.

At Mallins Law in Toronto, our highly knowledgeable team has many years of experience representing employers of all sizes and across all sectors in human rights matters. We will help you understand your rights, explain the process of responding to a claim, ensure that you understand all potential areas of risk and liability, help you draft a response, and protect your rights throughout the process.

Elyse Mallins was in-house counsel for one of Canada’s largest privately-owned employers for many years. In that time, she saw it all, and helped the company respond to a variety of human rights complaints. She now applies this wealth of knowledge to guide and advise other employers.

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