Toronto Employment & Labour Lawyers Representing Employers & Employees in Court and at Tribunals 

Neither employers nor employees ever want to be involved in a workplace dispute that requires litigation to resolve. However, in some cases, issues cannot be worked out without resorting to a lawsuit or other legal claim.

At Mallins Law, we are a dedicated team of practitioners of labour and employment law. Helping employers and employees is all that we do, and we do it well. We have many years of advocacy experience before arbitrators, human rights tribunals, labour relations boards, workplace safety tribunals, other administrative tribunals, and various levels of court.

How we Help Employers 

At Mallins Law in Toronto our knowledgeable labour & employment lawyers provide forward-thinking risk management and preventative guidance to employers. While our goal is always to mitigate potential liabilities and address issues before they escalate to the point where litigation is required, we know that preventative action and other dispute resolution methods, including mediation, can only do so much. Inevitably, some issues will have to go to court, to arbitration, or a tribunal. If and when they do, our clients rely on us for effective, skillful representation throughout each process.

We defend employers in:

Elyse Mallins was in-house counsel for one of Canada’s largest privately-owned companies for many years. She brings this context and wealth of experience to litigation of labour & employment issues.

How We Help Employees 

If you are experiencing serious problems at work and would like to take legal action, the knowledgeable employment lawyers at Mallins Law can help.

Our highly experienced founding owner, Elyse Mallins, has sat on both sides of the table in workplace disputes. This has allowed her to gain valuable insights from both perspectives. Elyse and her team use this critical knowledge to help employees stand up to their employers and to provide outstanding legal representation.

Elyse and her team help employees who:

  • Have been terminated;
  • Require a work permit;
  • Have been harassed or subject to workplace violence;
  • Have been discriminated against at work;
  • Have been physically injured at work; and who
  • Otherwise have issues with their employer.

Contact Mallins Law in Toronto for Exceptional Representation Throughout the Litigation Process 

If you are an employee who wishes to take legal action against their employer, or an employer who is defending against a lawsuit or other claim, contact one of the experienced employment lawyers at Mallins Law in Toronto. We represent employers of all sizes and across all industries, as well as employees and independent contractors. Reach out to us online or at 647-792-0310 to schedule a consultation.